Josh Greenly Self-Made Millionaire

Josh Greenly, the president of all access tickets, is officially a millionaire. Before now Mr. Greenly has been staggeringly wealthy on paper, and a real millionaire. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission reports, the young president completed the sale of 30,000 all access ticket shares at $27.58 each. This step forward by the company will give Josh Greenly a net increase of $1,134,000 in cash. Josh Greenly was an IT expert before becoming president of all access tickets and was always an entrepreneur. Josh Greenly did his undergraduate at UCLA, and one thing he did according to his biography was that he went to some restaurants around Eastwood village—where a lot of students go to for food. While there, he sold his authored book titled the Eastwood express which was all about giving a tour to visitors that visit, about the Eastwood Village. He was quite successful at it and gave him notable fame in college.

Josh Greenly went on to become a marketing expert and loved it so much that it was this experience that prepared him for being president of all access tickets. It started out when he was in college, with some extra tickets he had for an event, he and his friend would go to the parking lot of the event center before it kicked off and they would attempt to sell the tickets. They weren’t trying to make money to save; they just wanted to pay for their tickets. They were trying to make the money to pay for their tickets to go to the games since they didn’t have enough money to pay for themselves.

There were plenty of times when they couldn’t sell the tickets they had. An occasion occurred when he had some extra concert tickets, and it was for an Eddie Murphy show, and he decided to put an ad in the newspaper. Josh Greenly was a senior in college about that time. He placed an advertisement in the paper and eventually had them sold. He never did it for profit. Josh Greenly had always just been the chap that went out and got tickets because he liked to go to events. But when He put it in the newspaper and sold them for like a $20 profit, which were the signs of a significant venture emerging.

The trick was that to pay for his habit of attending events; he’ll buy extra tickets for the events that he wanted to go to and sell them, just to try and essentially subsidize his habit of attending sporting games and concerts. So that’s how Josh Greenly started and ended as a self made millionaire.